An umbrella initiative for community solidarity with Ukraine of the Belarusian diaspora in the UK. Follow us on Facebook


Belarusians in Britain join the mass events of protest and solidarity organised by London EuroMaidan.

What to bring?

Belarusian (white-red-white) and Ukrainian flags, posters and banners.

Flags can be purchased from Amazon (more; more) or eBay. A flagpole, pole rings and caps stoppers will be handy too.

Look for other Belarusian, stay together, take photos and send them to and to Belarusian and Ukrainian media.

PUBB Call fo Boycott

PUBB - Professional Union of Belarusians in Britain - has developed a letter template to target western companies operating in Belarus and Russia demanding they cut ties with those regimes. Join the campaign!

Homes for Ukraine

Individuals and organisations with a spare room or separate self-contained accommodation can now register their interest in sponsoring and hosting Ukrainian refugees.

Life in Britain

The Belarusian diaspora helped an Ukrainian 12 years old boy who arrived to the UK to settle with his relatives in Hertfordshire, to join Welwyn Garden City Youth FC:

Refugee joins Welwyn Garden City Youth FC after fleeing Ukraine


27 February 2022
The Belarusian Greek Catholic parish in London addressed the Ukrainian brethren of the Greek Catholic Diocese of the Holy Family in Great Britain.

26 February 2022
Members of the Professional Union of Belarusian in Britain (PUBB) addressed the Ukrainian brothers and sisters.